OPSC Board Members

Our board members are volunteers and is one way we keep our fees lower than any other club. If you would like to contact a board member, please use the contact us page on the website and your message will be forward.

OPSC Board Members:

President: Chuck Grinstead – chuck.opsc[at]yahoo.com
Vice President: TBD
Treasurer: Scott Cooper
Secretary: Daron Bennett
Director of Coaching: Christophe Nicot
Director of Pre-Competitive Development League: Dave Maupin
Manager of Pre-Competitive & Tryout Coordinator: Peggy Tuttle
Marketing Coordinator: David Hejduk
Field Coordinator: Garrett Rosenbaum
Equipment Coordinator: Peggy Tuttle
Referee Coordinator: Janet Peterson
Pre-K Coordinator: Kim Jones


Non-board position:

Operations Manager: Dana Bernard

Volunteer information: 

If you would like to help us run our club and have expertise in things like Website development and maintenance, marketing, social media, fundraising etc., we would love to hear from you –  use the form on the volunteer page.