Refund Policy

Signing up for competitive soccer is a 10 months commitment (U8-U14) and 8 months commitment for High school teams. The refund policy is in place to protect the integrity of teams. It is not fair to pass on the additional cost of leaving a team to the other players.

Annual Club Fees – OPSC Club fees are non-refundable.

League Registration Fees – Refundable prior to the start of the season. A $25 administrative fee will apply. Once the league season started no refunds are issued unless in case of extreme circumstances such as injury or moving out of state (proof required).

Tournament Fees – Discuss with your coach, some teams divide the tournament cost between all players and refund for a player missing the tournament or leaving the team is often not possible.

Uniform Fees – Any uniform or OPSC gear ordered is non-refundable.

Coaching Fees – Once the league season started no refunds are issued for that season. Refund for the rest of the year is at the discretion of the coach.

Camps: Refund minus an administrative fee of $25 up to 2 days prior to the start of the camp. No refunds will be made after then unless cancellation by OPSC staff.

Credit card processing fees – Non-refundable.