OP Soccer Club Fees
for Competitive Soccer Fall 2021/Spring 2022

Part of our mission is to keep our fees as low as possible, as we feel it shouldn’t cost a lot for a player/family to play soccer, even at a high level. Below is our player fee structure so families will know what to expect when they sign up for competitive soccer with OP Soccer Club. We don’t think soccer should cost an arm and leg to play. It’s that simple.

Fees per year:

  • Registration fee – $600 covers both Fall and Spring seasons (A 10% discount will be applied to returning players if paid before 5/29)
  • The first payment will be due in June and the remainder will automatically deduct 8/1/2021 for U8-U14 players (Fall and Spring seasons)
  • You may also pay in full $600 at the time of tryouts
  • High school players, boys and girls $300, is due at the time of tryouts (playing one season)
  • There is a $15 convenience fee applied on Blue Sombrero
  • Some clubs might have a lower registration fee than OP Soccer Club to appear cheaper on paper, but they will charge you a registration fee, PLUS then charge you a high monthly installment on top of the registration fee, so in the end you’re paying more.

Fees includes: Heartland registration fee, practice field rental and OP Soccer Club. administrative fee for each player for 10 months (covers both Fall and Spring seasons). The goal is to get every competitive team to be able to practice once per week on turf. This could include a practice at Scheels Overland Park Soccer Complex, Indian Woods Middle School and other turf locations as they become available.

Fee collection: OP Soccer Club. offers payment plans for fees. The first payment is due in June at the time of player registration, and  the remainer automatically deducted on August 1st. You may also pay in full.

Additional Fees

These additional individual fees will vary by player, according to what clothing they may need and how many tournaments they play in. Typically these are handled by the team manager.


The cost for the uniform is detailed below. OP Soccer Club. tries to keep the same uniforms for a 2 or 3-year cycle. The Fall of 2018 began a new clothing cycle. Other clubs have a 1 or 2-year cycle which requires you to purchase new clothing a lot more frequently, plus some clubs require purchasing several additional clothing items as part of the standard kit. While we have most of those same pieces available, they aren’t required. Again, our goal is to keep costs low.

Competitive kit for Fall 2020: TBD


OP Soccer Club. coaching fees are set by the coach but must be in the range set by the Director of Coaching based on number of years of experience and level of coaching license. Please inquire with each coach about their fee.

OP Soccer Club. coaching fee range: $40-65 per month for 10 months, if some reason a coach doesn’t practice or play over the winter, the fees will be for 7 months. Coaching fees are set by license level: F-License up to $40/month; E-License up to $40/month; D-License up to $60/month.


Fees for playing in tournaments is additional and the number of tournaments your team plays in is up to the coach.  Each tournament will cost approximately $40-$60 per player.

Winter Soccer:

It is up to each coach/team if the team will play winter soccer or not. Please ask your coach for details.