Team Success 2020/21

OP Soccer Club has long been committed to the success of our players and teams at every level of competitive soccer and we’ve had quite a year to back it up with two Presidents Cup winners, nine division winners,10 tournament championships and 19 teams promoted to a higher Heartland division in 2020/21.

What is the recipe for success? It starts with our coaches who are dedicated and committed to your daughter/son’s success learning the game of soccer and how that translates to learning crucial life lessons.  

Presidents Cup Results:

2020 Finalist – OP Hammers Academy 04 Girls – Coach: Tom Holmes
2021 Winner – OP Academy 04 Boys – Coach: Tim Chik
2021 Winner – OP Academy 03 Boys – Coach: Alok Pal and Paul Herman

2020/2021 Heartland Division Winners:

OP Napoli U11B – Coach: Mo Hassan – D6
OP Academy U10B – Coach: Paul Walker – D3
OP Hammers 07B – Coach: Tom Holmes – D4
OP Lazio 12B – Coach: Mo Hassan – D4
OP Elite 10B – Coach: Tim Chik – D3
OP Rangers 08B – Coach: Sean Clarke & Alok Pal – D4
OP Arsenal 04B – Coach: Mo Hassan – D4
OP Liverpool 04B – Coach: Mo Hassan – D6
OP Dortmund 06G – Coach: Mo Hassan – D5

Heartland Division Runners-Up 2020/21:

OP Lazio 12B – Coach: Mo Hassan – D4
OP Academy 11B – Coach: Curtis Thurston – D2
OP Elite 11B – Coach: Tim Chik – D4
OP Atalanta 1/12B – Coach: Mo Hassan – D7
OP Hammers Academy 07B – Coach: Tom Holmes – D2
OP Hammers Academy 08G – Coach: Tom Holmes – D3
OP Dortmund 06G – Coach: Mo Hassan – D6
OP Pre-Academy 13B – Coach: Paul Walker – D6