Overland Park Soccer Club and Branch Global Partnership

Overland Park Soccer Club


Overland Park Soccer Club and Branch Global (http://www.branch-global.com/), a cultural consulting company, announce a new partnership that will allow kids across the metro area, coming from countries around the world, to play soccer together regardless of their financial situation.

A casual conversation with a neighbor in 2015 brought Branch Global founder Mariya Dostzadah and OPSC Vice President Pete Weaver together, uniting their visions to destroy lines of separating between communities through the power of soccer.

Effective immediately, Branch Global is the flagship sponsor of OPSC and will be providing opportunities to kids across the metro area to play soccer.

While OPSC has always been dedicated to allowing all kids to learn and play the game of soccer, Branch Global’s commitment will make it possible to extend that opportunity to even more kids from the underprivileged in our own neighborhoods to those who came to Kansas City from half a world away.

As part of the agreement, OPSC will host two skills camps a year in the historic northeast and will be sending two teams to play in Heartland Soccer’s HIT Tournament in November. Looking at 2017 and beyond, they will also now be able to place refugee/immigrant children who love the game of soccer on year-round teams that will help them reach their potential as a player and as an integral part of the community.

Full Press Release

November, 2016

Kansas City Star article on Branch Global and Overland Park Soccer Club – Full article here and video is below.


Branch Global and the Overland Park Soccer Club have partnered to provide refugee children in northeast Kansas City an opportunity to play soccer, a common denominator for the immigrants from 16 countries who are trying to make a life here. David Eulitt The Kansas City Star