Pre-Tryout & Tryout Process


Pre-tryouts is a 2 day mini camp (M/W or Tu/Th) for players to get some touches and reps before the tryout sessions start. It is very beneficial for players to attend Pre-Tryouts to ensure they get some practice reps in before tryouts. It is also really useful for Directors and Coaches to see the player pool for each age group to get a good pulse on the skill level of all players before tryouts. The more the Directors have seen the players with the whole talent pool the more accurately we can place your child on the right team for them. 


Please check the below link for the tryout schedule including location. Some age groups have only 1 tryout session and others have 2.  Tryouts are designed to formulate all teams in each age group and assign players to the team that best suits their current skill set. Players grow in confidence, skill, game understanding and love of the game when they are on a team that matches their current skill set. Players develop at different rates and can change teams year to year based on their current level of play. For example, if a player was on the 3rd team this year but has developed at a great rate, they may be offered to move up to the 2nd or 1st team in an age group. In some age groups, we will have as many as 7 teams, some age groups may have teams in the same division or within 1 or 2 divisions. These teams may be very close in skill level. During or at the end of tryouts, players and families may be offered a spot on a team within the club. In rare cases, players may not be offered a spot on a team, depending on numbers. We try our absolute best to accommodate every single player that tries out with our club. 

Q & A)

Why is the word current in bold?

– Kids all develop at different rates and need confidence and reps in an environment that best suits them today. If a player is not challenged at their current level, for example, if a player finds the level of play way too easy or way too hard then it does not have the right balance for their development today. This can affect their confidence, growth and love for the game causing potential burn out.

My kid was on a team last season. Are they automatically on the same team again next season?

– No- tryouts along with the past season are used to accurately measure kids current skill level. We understand how tough it may be to go through change. Please be aware that we have every kid’s best interest at heart. For example, we have seen players on the 3rd team in the club in 5th grade end up on the 1st team by 7th grade and play college soccer. Change is always tough but can be a great situation to develop players on and off the pitch. 

Do I have to accept the spot offered to me?

– No. Please know we are looking for the best situation for all players and have their best interests at heart. However, nobody will force you to accept the spot you are offered.

Can my player change teams mid season?

– If a kid is severely misplaced and roster space allows, we can change a player’s team mid-season. Again, our aim is to provide the right level of challenge for all players and create the best environment for on and off the pitch development. We usually use tryouts for team assignments but players can move teams if the level of play is grossly incorrect for them mid-season.

What if my kid isn’t on a team where they have no school friends or friends?

– Our goal is to form teams based on skill level first. As hard as it may seem at first, kids make friends very easily and quickly. Our main aim is to create teams based on skill level first, kids will develop friends through a mutual love of the game. 

Can I find out ahead of time where my kid might be?

– You can reach out to your director or coach to get a pulse on it but in some instances there are unknowns. We have returning players and also free agents. Free agents are kids from outside the club looking to switch teams. In some of our age groups we have 100 plus kids trying out and directors and coaches may not know where your child sits until the tryout process takes place.